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November 18, 2012 by Mmrnmhrm
The only movie I've ever walked out on was The Last Air Bender.

What about you? What movies have you walked out on, why?
September 16, 2012 by Mmrnmhrm
So you guys have already for blogging.  I just discovered What's the difference?
January 4, 2012 by Mmrnmhrm
I've read the Walking Dead comic and it's obviously a lot different than the show.  

Who's watching this and who has read the comic?
January 4, 2012 by Mmrnmhrm
What do you think is the best game you've played in the past 10 years?
April 3, 2005 by Mmrnmhrm
Why is it that the crowd that is always screaming McCarthyism and Fascism at its political opponents the same crowd that is usually the one actually stomping on the rights of free speech?

San Francisco, for instance, apparently wants bloggers to register with the city. Bloggers who talk about politics may have to pay a special tax.

Meanwhile, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan was attacked at Western Michigan University this past week as he was speaking by a far left protester screaming...
February 27, 2005 by Mmrnmhrm
French intellectuals like to sniff that Americans have no culture and no history. They're right partially on the latter's account, most Americans have no sense of history and it's a good thing for the French that they don't.

The French play the "We've always been friends with the Americans" on the naive American public who seem to actually believe it. A few Americans may vaguely have heard of Lafayette, the famous French soldier who came to the US to fight for American freedom. What they don'...
February 19, 2005 by Mmrnmhrm
The war in Iraq brought the lingering difference between Americans and Europeans into stark relief. Europeans were against the war, for the most part and Americans were for it, for the most part. It is, ironically, a reversal of world views. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Americans were the ones espousing the importance of international law and the need for subtle diplomacy while the Europeans who made use of raw power on the international stage.

In the late 20th century, with the S...
February 19, 2005 by Mmrnmhrm
I need another creative outlet. A place where I can talk about things. Controversal things. The liberating aspect of blogging is that people can discuss the kinds of things that need to be discussed without having the reprisals that exist in the real world.

When the President of Harvard recently suggested that inate differences between the sexes my possibly account for why women are so underrepresentatived in the math and science departments at universities, people called for his head. But h...